Stanwick Parish Council


Clerk:  Ms Jenny Hodgson

29 Hill House Gardens




Tel:01933 625616

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Serving the community of Stanwick since 2000

Local democracy in action


This page lists the policies and documents of the Council. At the bottom of the page there are other sets of information that may be of interest.


You can view or download each document from this page.


Charter of Expectations for Councillors  pdf 16KB


Co-option Policy pdf 128 KB


Complaints Policy pdf 41KB


Code of Conduct pdf 26KB


Data Protection Policies:


   Data Protection Policy pdf 28KB

   General Privacy Notice pdf 345 KB

   Data Breach Policy   pdf 351 KB

   Subject Access Request Procedure  pdf 505 KB

   Information Security Policy  pdf 270 KB

   Information Security Asset Inventory  pdf 262 KB

   Document Retention Policy pdf 257 KB

   Privacy Policy pdf 152 KB


Emergency Plan pdf 274 KB


Financial Regulations pdf 457 KB


Freedom of Information Act

    Model Policy pdf 235KB

    Supplementary policy pdf 235KB

    Office of the Information Commissioner document pdf 114KB



    Grant policy pdf 35KB

    Grant application form pdf 31KB



Media Policy pdf 145KB


Member Allowances Policy pdf 116KB


Officer Decision Policy pdf 32KB


Neighbourhood Plan  2016-2031 pdf 7.83 MB


Parish List (Heritage assets)

    Parish List Policy pdf 26KB

    Parish List (actual) pdf 18KB


Parish Plan 2007 pdf 826KB


Parish Plan 2013-2018 pdf 8.47MB (Complete document)

    Introduction 4.13MB

    Questionnaire results 3.33MB

    Action Plan 66KB

    Appendices 1003KB


Pension Policy pdf 48KB


Personnel Policies

     Dignity at Work 51 KB

     Disciplinary  pdf 58 KB

     Equality pdf 30 KB

     Grievance  pdf 58 KB

    Recruitment pdf 54KB

     Good Employers Guide pdf 702 KB




Recording of Meetings Policy pdf 273KB


Risk Assessment Policies

     Home Working Policy pdf 281 KB

     Lone Worker Policy pdf 273KB


Social Media Policy pdf 67 KB


Speed Indication Device Policy

     Protocol pdf 19KB

    Working at Heights Policy pdf 73KB


Standing Orders pdf 288KB


Training Policy pdf 22KB


Tree Management Policy pdf 549 KB


Other information


Consultation and Commenting on Planning Applications (Planning Aid) pdf 376KB


Living on the Edge (Environment Agency) pdf 242KB (Living next to the stream)