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Serving the community of Stanwick since 2000

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Parish Meeting

What is a Parish Meeting?


It is not a council meeting. It does have legal status and must happen once a year between 1st March and 1st June


It is a meeting of the electorate, where they can discuss any issue they want.


Who organises it?


As Stanwick has a Parish Council, it is organised by the Parish Council.


When is it?


Generally it is held in April. The date can be found on the Parish Council page, look for the calendar of meetings.


How can I get an issue discussed?


Contact the parish clerk at least 3 weeks before the meeting date so the issue can be put on an agenda.


Is it very dull?


Historically, yes.


Since 2015 the parish council has held the meeting as 'Stanwick Showcase' inviting local groups and businesses to put on a display and inviting outside organisations (Northants Police, SERVE, Well Being officiers, dog warden etc) to attend.


There is still the opportunity to have discussion amongst residents if any items of business are put forward for the agenda.


This format has been well received and will be continued in future years.


Minutes to Parish Meetings


This can be viewed or downloaded here


18th April 2019 pdf 105 KB


19th April 2018 pdf 6KB


20th April 2017 pdf 9KB


21st April 2016  pdf 9KB


10th April 2015 pdf 9KB


24th April 2014 pdf 25KB


18th April 2013 pdf 16KB


19th April 2012 pdf 21KB


21st April 2011 pdf 21KB


15th April 2010 pdf 19KB


If you would like to view Minutes for earlier meetings, please contact the parish clerk.


The original paper copy of the Minutes for the years 2000-2005 are held at the Northampton Records Office.