Stanwick Parish Council


Clerk:  Ms Jenny Hodgson

29 Hill House Gardens




Tel:01933 625616

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Serving the community of Stanwick since 2000

Local democracy in action

Minutes 2016-2017

Minutes to meetings held on the following dates can be viewed or down loaded by clicking on the date.


The most recent set of Minutes will be 'draft' and will be replaced with final version once they have been approved by the Council. This will take place at the next meeting.


6th April 2017 pdf  59 KB     draft


16th March 2017 pdf 58 KB


16th February 2017 pdf 24 KB


19th January 2017  pdf 48 KB


15th December 2016 pdf 29 KB


17th November 2016 pdf 65 KB


3rd November 2016 pdf 25  


6th October 2016 pdf  22 KB


22nd September 2016 pdf 44 KB


15th September 2016 pdf 99KB  


25th August 2016 pdf 38 KB


21st July 2016 pdf 66 KB


16th June 2016 pdf 32 KB


19th May 2016 pdf 89 KB