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General Information


On 1st December 1927 Walter Denton conveyed to Thrapston Rural District Council a piece of land that is now the cemetery.  In 1935 the Lovell family donated the Lych Gate.  The earliest recorded burial in the Council’s Register of Graves is for 1932.


The cemetery is located on Chelveston Road and is outside of the recognised village confines. The cemetery is surrounded by farmland.


Purchase of Burial Plots


If you would like to pre-purchase the exclusive right of burial for a grave plot or a cremated remains plot, please contact the Clerk to the Council.  Unfortunately, you cannot specify where you would like to buy a plot, due to the size and scale of the cemetery.


Cemetery Memorials


Memorials may only be placed on graves where the Grant of Right of Burial has been purchased and the owner of this Right gives their consent. This is accordance with government legislation.  There are height and dimension restrictions for the size of memorials.


Applications for consent to erect a memorial should be sent to the Clerk to the Council.  Application forms can be obtained from the Clerk or downloaded below.  Applications to erect kerbstones will be considered on an individual case by case basis at a full council meeting.


Permission to erect memorials will only be given to memorial masons who agree to work in accordance with BS8415 and the NAMM Code of Working Practice. Masons will be asked to provide evidence of their Public Liability Insurance before work will be permitted.


Memorial safety testing


The Parish Council carry out a visual and manual (hand) inspection of the memorials in Stanwick Cemetery and St Laurence Churchyard on a regular basis, in accordance with our policy to ensure their safety. Notices are displayed before hand. To see details of the latest inspection please click here to download the information.


Cemetery records


If you would like to trace a grave or obtain other burial information, please contact the council Clerk.  


St Laurence Church Yard


For information about St Laurence Church, please contact the vicarage at Raunds, the Parish Council does not have any records for St Laurence Church. This link will take you to their website


Cemetery forms & Information These can be viewed or downloaded here


Notice of Interment pdf 210KB


Application to Purchase an Exclusive Right of Burial pdf 195 KB


Cemetery Rules pdf 229 KB   (updated December 2019)


Application for a memorial pdf 284 KB (April 2019)


Terms of Consent of Memorials pdf 13 KB (April 2019)


Information for Stone Masons pdf 221 KB (April 2019)


Cemetery fees with effect from 1st January 2020 pdf 23 KB


Memorial Safety Policy pdf 174 KB


Memorial Inspection Protocol pdf 256 KB

Stanwick Cemetery