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Clerk:  Ms Jenny Hodgson

29 Hill House Gardens




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Serving the community of Stanwick since 2000

Local democracy in action

Agendas for 2019-2020

16th January 2020

Agenda pdf 136 KB

19.138 a Statement of Accounts pdf 201 KB

19.138 a Quarter end variance report pdf 415 KB

19.138 d Results of pension pooling consultation pdf 778 KB

19.138 e Draft Northamptonshire Funding Strategy pdf 578 KB

19.138 g Risk assessment reports

              Allotment Site Risk Assessment pdf 138 KB

               Cemetery Site Risk Assessment pdf 150 KB

               Finance and Governance Risk Assessment pdf 358 KB

               Memorial Gardens Site Risk Assessment pdf 25 KB

               Parish Office Risk Assessment pdf 132KB

              Parish Fields Site Risk Assessment pdf 130 KB

               Public Open Space at Mallows Grange Risk Assessment pdf 9 KB

               Electrical items inspection pdf 111KB

19.139 b Response on 19/01800/FUL Community Orchard, Raunds pdf 20 KB

19.141 d 'Think Before Your Park Protocol' pdf 21 KB

19.141 f Automatic Number Plate recognition proposal pdf 217 KB

19.142 a Grounds Maintenance Consortium Minutes  pdf 302 KB

19.142 d Operational report from play equipment inspection pdf 19 KB






21st November 2019

Agenda pdf 122 KB

19.122 a Statement of accounts pdf 378KB

19.122 a Quarterly budget variance report pdf 407 KB

19.122 e Budget working papers report pdf 230KB

19.122 e Budget cost heading spread sheet pdf 28KB

19.122 e Year end variance report pdf 32 KB

19.122 g Millennium sign report pdf 111KB

19.127 Grounds Maintenance meeting minutes pdf 307 KB

19.128 a Community Garden Minutes pdf 796 KB



7th November 2019

Agenda pdf 19 KB


30th October 2019

Meeting cancelled


19th September 2019

Agenda pdf 135 KB

19.84a i Statement of Accounts pdf 199 KB

19.84d External Auditors Report pdf 247 KB

19.84e Replacement Financial Regulations pdf 457 KB

19.84g Report on website provision pdf 199 KB

19.84h Financial report for the Allotments pdf 224 KB

19.84i Financial report for the cemetery pdf 767 KB

19.90a Report on the Millennium Village Sign pdf 109 KB

19.92a Minutes of Community Garden Meeting pdf 541 KB

19.92 a Minutes of Allotment Society Meeting pdf 578 KB

19.92 c Revised Allotment Rules pdf 426 KB

19.92 g Composting Toilet Report pdf 1001 KB

19.94 Minutes of Ringstead Quarry Liaison Meeting pdf 76 KB


5th September 2019

Agenda pdf 21 KB

19.76 Councillor walkabout report pdf 111KB


18th July 2019

Agenda pdf 223 KB

19.57 a Budget Variance & statement of accounts pdf 937KB

19.57 f LGPS valuation cycle reforms policy consultation pdf 511 KB

19.60 d Obstruction sign pdf 867 KB

19.61 b Draft Tree Management Policy pdf 549 KB

19.61 c Operational Inspection report pdf 214 KB

19.61 e Grounds Maintenance Consortium Meeting Minutes pdf 227 KB

19.63 a Minutes for Community Garden Group pdf 441 KB

19.65 Christmas fayre task list pdf 131 KB

19.66 Website accessibility regulation report (combined) pdf 1011 KB

19.66 Website accessibility issues report (pdfs)  pdf 198 KB



14th June 2019

Agenda pdf 117 KB



16th May 2019


Agenda  pdf  131 KB

19.8 Delegation of powers to Clerk pdf 4KB

19.9 Advice Note: Committees pdf 21 KB

19.9 Advice Note: Working parties pdf 124 KB

19.9 Template terms of reference for a staffing committee pdf 136 KB

19.10 NALC briefing for changes to the Standing Orders pdf 612 KB

19.14 NCALC risk assessment for cessation of membership pdf 68 KB

19.19 Calendar of meetings 2019/20 pdf 5 KB

19.24 a i Budget Variance Report pdf 198 KB

19.24 d Internal Audit Report pdf 388 KB

19.24 d AGAR Internal Audit Report pdf 387 KB

19.24 e Receipts and Payments for 2018-19 pdf 13 KB

19.24 e Supporting Statement for 2018-19 pdf 146 KB

19.24 e Year end variance report  pdf 32 KB

19.24 f and g AGAR section 1 and 2  pdf 839 KB

19.24 h Extract of tree survey, priority 2 works pdf 317 KB

19.29 Minutes of Community Garden Meetings pdf 931 KB

19.29 Minutes for Allotment Society Meeting pdf 986 KB

19.30 a Draft Memorial Safety Policy pdf 174 KB

19.30 b Draft Memorial Inspection protocol pdf 202 KB

19.30 c Draft memorial inspection risk assessment pdf 202 KB